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Lunch & Nutrition

At Norwood School, we are fortunate to be a part of the Alberta Government School Nutrition Program, which allows us to provide a healthy morning snack and lunch for all of our students. 


  • Our school nutrition program will continue to be provided in partnership with the community organization, e4c.
  • The Nutrition Support Workers will prepare and deliver pre-packaged food items for lunchto each classroom and/or lunch area.
  • Nutrition Support Workers will use tongs to hand out food items directly to students.
  • We will provide more information to families about the startup date of the program and registration forms as soon as plans have been finalized.

Prior to eating a snack or lunch, students will wash their hands  Sharing of any food items will be strictly prohibited and monitored by school staff. Whole class snacks and treats from students homes or from a staff members’ home will NOT be permitted to be brought into the classroom. This includes birthday and special holiday treats. Microwaves will also NOT be available for student use

If a student who usually brings their lunch to school forgets it, they will be provided with a lunch from our school nutrition program. Parents will be contacted to be informed of this occurrence, however parents will not be asked to bring lunch to the school for their child.

Please refer to our "School re-entry strategy" for more information.