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Clubs and Activities



Healthy Chefs

Healthy Chefs is a fun after school program for kids who have an interest in learning to cook healthy meals and snacks. It takes place 4 Wednesdays after school in the March and is open to grade 5 students.



Running and Reading

The Running and Reading program is an after school program that couples physical activity with literacy. It takes place on Tuesdays after school. At the end of the program, participants will challenge themselves in a 5 Km Running and Reading Challenge. This program is brought to you by Start2Finish.




Norwood Choir practices Wednesday at lunch. They are always featured at our Winter Concert and often at other celebrations and ceremonies. We usually have a trip to The Rotary Club to express our gratitude through song.




Intramurals are activities organized for students in Grades 2-6 and are usually held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon.