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School Handbook

Norwood School

Norwood is a school with a strong community.  Our goal is to help each student be all that they can be; to help them to develop the skills and knowledge so that they can fully participate in and appreciate the cultural, social, political, and economic and aspects of society.

To ensure success for all students, Norwood School provides excellence in instruction of all literacies and takes pride in fostering high levels of wellness in the school and community.

Three particular areas of focus this year are; continuing to develop a strong culture of learning with a emphasis on reading and writing; maintaining the dynamic and strong culture of belonging and safety; and providing authentic learning experiences in our developing Natural Learning Grounds and through targeted fieldtrip adventures.

School success is based on the students’ ability to be ready for learning: to be ready to fully engage in the activities and experiences that our amazing teachers prepare each day. Thank you for your support at home to help students be ready for learning each day!

To be ready for learning students need to:

  1. Be on time for school so that they do not miss out on the vital transitions to the school day and the sharing of the day’s expectations and goals
  2. Be at school every day to ensure they do not miss critical leanings and find themselves in a state of perpetual "catching up"
  3. Be well rested and fed (10-11 hours of sleep a night for students ages 5-12)
  4. Play safe and be a good friend to others
  5. Be thoughtful about their own learning needs and respectful of the needs of others
  6. Be ready to cooperate with all adults and peers in the building

Norwood School Expectations

At Norwood School, we strive to:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind
  • Do Your Best

Norwood staff use these three guiding principles to support and guide a safe and caring school community.


Norwood Community Partners

Norwood School is privileged to have a significant number of long time community partners supporting students learning. 

  • A Family and Child Therapist/Counselor: provides support to children through play or art therapy, and provides support to families through counseling.
  • Roots and Wings Worker:  provides support to connect families to the many agencies available as well as hosts weekly information sessions on topics of interest for parents and a Tuesday morning parent coffee.
  • Big Brothers and Sisters Boys and Girls Club Community Facilitator: coordinates in school mentors for students as well as facilitates afterschool programs at the newly renovated Boys and Girls Club across form the Italian Centre on 95 street.
  • Healthy Lunch Program: This year we continue to be part of the Alberta Education School Nutrition Program, which provides a healthy snack and lunch through E4C for every student each day.
  • Long time community partners such as the Riverview Rotary club, the Kinette Club of Edmonton, Weldco-Beales, and Vanguard College provide opportunities throughout the year for us to gather as a community and also support the significant number of fieldtrips enjoyed by students at a reduced cost. 
  • Student teachers from Concordia College, the University of Alberta and student Educational Assistants from Grant McEwan are also a big part of our staff for parts of the year.


City Centre Catchment 

Norwood School is partnered with five other city centre schools: amiskwaciy Academy, John A. McDougall, Delton and Spruce Avenue, and Oliver.  We work together to meet the needs of students in the city centre.  Our focus is around creating even deeper partnerships with local community organizations and business, creating safe and caring schools and together we engage in cutting edge professional learning around building strong school cultures of reading and writing.


Afterschool Programs 2019-2020

  • MONDAY-FRIDAY Boys and Girls Club (staff from the boys and girls club come to the school each day and take the children over to the club- this is a walking bus) 3:30-6pm
  • TUESDAY afterschool- Start2Finish Reading and Running Club 3:30-5:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY - ArtStart - various 5 week sessions throughout the year 5:30-6:30 PM

Sign-up sheets will come home the first week of school.  Programs begin in October and run through until the end of May.

Norwood Natural Learning Grounds; Learn, Play, Grow!

 For the past many years, Norwood School and the parent council have been working on creating dynamic play and learning spaces in the school yard.  Our dream is to create authentic places for students to learn about their natural world and to challenge their physical fitness through a variety of active living opportunities.  We continue to build each year toward this dream. 


School Council and PACEES the Parent Council

 The School Council meets once a month, starting at 6:00 PM for an hour.  The principal shares information about school happenings and initiatives and requests feedback and information from parents to ensure the school remains responsive and can be the best it can be.  The School Council meeting is followed by a meeting of the Parent Society PACEES (Parents Actively Creating Educational Experiences for Students).  Their mandate is to help provide ideas and the funding to support the diverse cultural, artistic, and academic activities that make our school so rich for student learning.  All parents are welcome to be part of these gatherings. The more voices part of the process, the more vibrant our school can become! Watch for upcoming notices about meeting dates on School Zone.


What do you need for the first day of school?

  • A pair of inside shoes
  • A backpack
  • A smiling face!


School Supplies

City Centre Schools in Edmonton Public are supported by the district and the community to ensure that all students have everything they need to be ready for learning including a supply of backpacks.  However, the following supplies need frequent replacement throughout the year.  Any contribution of the following to the classroom supply cupboard would be greatly appreciated!

  • HB pencils (wooden outside as they break less often and sharpen more effectively)
  • white erasers
  • glue stick
  • pencil crayons and/or markers
  • pair of scissors
  • ruler
  • box of Kleenex


Classes and Welcoming of New Staff to Norwood School

As always, we anticipate that we will not have our entire students population registered until the middle of the first month of school.  This means that there can be some changes in classrooms within the first few weeks of school. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.  Our priority is to ensure all students have the best learning environments that we can create. Sometimes this takes some shifting of classrooms after the first few weeks. 

For the first week of school, class lists will be posted on the walls in the hallways and outside.  After the bell at 8:35 AM, parents and students are welcome to come in and check the lists and make their way to their classrooms.  We ask you do not go to into the school or to the classrooms until the bell in order to respect the needs of teachers to get all of the last minute details taken care of so that they can properly welcome you and the students.