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Student Leadership

The year 6 students at Norwood take on the responsibility of being school leaders for special events. Each month we host school wide activities in which our students are paired up and placed with a grouping of students from early learning to year 5. Each group consists of 14 to 16 students and the leaders help supervise and move their group of students between activities.

In addition the year 6 class also has a student council that plans, organizes and carries out different school wide pursuits. They have held a popcorn sale during the November student led conference to raise money for a local community organization. They are currently selling Beef Jerky to raise funds for their year-end celebration as well as for contributing funds to another charity of their choice. Recently they sold candy grams for Valentine’s Day. The proceeds from this venture will also be donated to a local charity of choice.

Year 6 students are also called upon to create posters for school activities, deliver notices, and work in our school office as office helpers. They are hardworking, organized, and truly enjoy being called upon to help out whenever and however they can!