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Our Partners

Norwood School students, parents and staff are supported by a phenomenal group of partners. In a variety of different capacities, these partners help our students flourish and their consistent support helps to create the extended learning community that is the essence of the magic of Norwood School. On this page we would like to highlight our partners and their work in our school, and provide an opportunity for community members to find out more about the amazing people and groups who are involved in supporting Norwood students become all they can be! Norwood School is site of the first PFK Partnership. Now one of thirteen schools in Edmonton Public Schools, Norwood works alongside the United Way in providing community support to children and their families. A Family Therapist and a Roots and Wings worker, both from the Family Centre, join the Norwood staff on a part time basis. We also have a Big Brothers Big Sisters Boys and Girls Club Community Facilitator here at the school two afternoons a week. A school nurse is on staff Friday afternoons. This partnership allows us to ensure that families have all the resources that they need.

Below is a list of the many organizations and groups that are a part of the Norwood family. Their contributions make a difference to our Norwood community. They inspire hope and model the joys of citizenship!

  • Rebekahs & Oddfellows
  • TD Friends of the Environment
  • Zocalo
  • R. B. Williams
  • Weldco Beales
  • Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds
  • Indigo
  • Edmonton Community Foundation
  • The Riverview Rotary Club
  • The Northeast Rotary Club
  • The Kinette Club of Edmonton
  • Government of Alberta Correctional Services
  • Lefarge
  • RB Williams
  • Vanguard College
  • The Family Centre
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Boys and Girls Club of Edmonton
  • Alberta Health Services